Outdoor Photography For Beginners – Angles, Lighting & Posing


So today we’re at a park. I’m gonna. Have you guys join me for my photo? Show i’m gonna give you guys some tips show you guys how i shoot it’s. Really cloudy right now it actually looks like it’s gonna rain.

Hopefully it won’t, but in any case i’m gonna show you guys how i shoot, how i work with a model, how i pose her, how i get the best light as well, so you guys are going to join Me let’s get started so before we begin.

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It’s lightweight and the thing i love about this is it actually changes to different colors. It has different settings so maybe look anissa it’s led like it changes colors to watch. What color do you want? We have different colors here, looks like a party.

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So with that being said, hi i’m anisa and you’re watching disney channel. Let’s. Get back to the video whatever you guys, can just do something with that. So let’s start here. Let me okay, i’m gonna show you guys.

How is the light looking? Oh, so my first shot. We definitely need to adjust the settings nice. I love these yeah stay right there, yeah, okay, great those, are awesome. I love this pose right here. It’s.

A great great example of a good pose. You see, anissa’s. Body is angled, she has her arms out. It’s, creating a lot of shape, so this would be a a plus pose for me like if you went to my class on posing you’d, get a plus 4.

0 4.0 and also notice how i’m kind Of angling, my camera, so what i’m going to do is take a photo at a high angle at eye level and then at a low angle. So you guys can see the difference on how much your angle changes the entire look of the photo.

So let’s. Do the high angle first hold on wait, stay right! Okay! There i’m, going to take it kind of yeah. Stay right there, don’t move, and then i’m, going to take it at a low angle, bring this leg.

In again, you had your leg yeah like that yeah. I definitely love the higher angle ones and the lower angle i feel like, even though it is at eye level, i don’t, know higher angles, make it look a little bit more interesting.

So let’s. Talk about lighting okay, how do you find the best light? Now? I’m. Actually gonna take pictures of anissa at different intervals here, so you guys can see. Even though she’s, standing in the same spot, it’s.

Gonna change completely with again the position in relation to where the sun is so. Let me show you guys. We’re gonna do like a little bit of a spin kind of thing, so we’re gonna start here. Okay, let me take a picture of the lighting.

Okay stay right there and i want you to turn this way,all right stay right there and we’re gonna switch right here! Oh, this has to be the prettiest light right now, all right, and then we’re gonna move.

This way. This is more correct: yes, beautiful, okay, honestly, i think out of all of them. I, like i kind of like the side, light ones. Thank you. So look at these ones, yeah that’s, a little harsher yeah.

It’s like it’s backlit, and you can see it there’s, more shadows under your eyes, and the lighting isn’t, as flattering as it is. When you’re to the side of the sun and then in direct sun, so what i would suggest to you guys is just do a little bit of a circle and just see where the light is hitting the best.

Take a couple of test shots. Don’t just shoot. Based on the background. I think that’s, a big mistake. People make see where the best light is and if, if you really want to shoot in a certain like angle in a certain area and the light, isn’t very flattering bust out.

A reflector, which is what i’m. Going to show you guys right now when to use a reflector and how to use it. So let’s. Do that next, all right guys! So let’s say you’re in the situation where you don’t have the best light, but you really want to get a certain background.

All you need to do is get out a reflector. This is something that i bought on ebay for like 20 dollars. I’ve. Had this since i started photography, i’ve, had it for eight years. Basically, so, as you guys can see, i’m gonna show you.

We’re gonna shoot backlit, even though the light is not that flattering bringing out a reflector is going to bring back that light and fill in the shadows on anissa’s face. So let me show you guys, oh sorry, okay, that’s.

One mistake: don’t, try not to put it directly in the model’s, face kind of have it feathered off just a little bit a little tapered and always ask the model if it’s. Okay, you don’t want to be beaming a bunch of light into her face and blinding.

You know what i mean you don’t want. Any of that. So just ask the model: hey! Is this okay on your eyes like? Are you doing? Okay? Are you getting sunburned if she’s, getting sunburned during the photo shoot that’s, not a good don’t.

Do it i don’t know i’m, just just being dramatic. I’m, literally being so dramatic. What i would suggest is feather the light. Don’t have it directly in their face kind of have it to the side. You know, have it a little bit distant from the model and then you can also have it kind of under them.

So something like this so right now, the sun. Actually went away, you guys can see it’s, bouncing back a lot of light. It’s filling in those shadows. There are different sides and colors you can use. So this one, i’m, going to keep it on silver and i’m, going to show you guys how these pictures turn out with and without a reflector.

So you can see the difference. We’re, going to start on the first photo without the reflector. Yes, stay right, there stay in that pose, okay and then staying in that same pose. I’m, going to bring in the reflector, and i’m going to do a couple variations.

I’m going to have it kind of pointed in different areas. I feel like i’m, doing a whole workout right now. I know if you need help. Thank you babe. No, it’s. Okay, i got it. Thank you uh. This is, you know.

This is truly like a one-person thing. Like most photographers don’t have an assistant, so this is very realistic. This is very realistic. Okay, i got this. I got it. I got. This is so hard yeah. I just got to keep my i feel like i’m in the circus like okay.

This is good yeah. Exactly there we go. This is very hard, but we got some really good shots. So far there we go. This is much easier love. These! Oh wow dude, the sky, looks so pretty in this jessica and then look that’s without the reflector, the reflector one right it bounces back so much more light.

So pretty much the reflector. Do you like the reflector ones? More reflector makes a huge difference honestly and it’s, something so simple. This costs like 20 dollars. You guys invest in this, so let’s, try out the white side and then i’ll.

Show you guys how the gold side looks, but i kind of tried the gold and i’m, not a huge fan of it with this outfit, so the white, if matt comes in really close, you guys can see it’s, bringing Back a lot a lot of the light that was kind of lost in shadows on her face, so let me take the first shot without this reflector and then i’ll show you guys how it looks with it on so.

Okay, the first shot. We’re, going to use without the reflector. Still very it’s, still a beautiful shot very nice very pretty. Now let’s, see how it looks like with this. Okay, let’s. Do this, very beautiful? I love this very, pretty.

So i’m, going to have anissa kind of lay. Can you even lay down here yeah this way or this way, so this is kind of how i would assemble this shot? Love this okay, so i’ll show you guys some different variations of this shot, but i really like how anissa is positioning herself.

I’m gonna. Take it a little bit above her head, not a little bit like literally above her head. Like i’m like towering over you, okay, we could really do like a wide variation. We could do waste up with these.

I could do full body. We can even get a nice portrait, so i’ll. Show you guys um how these ones turn out, love these great job. You bring this in okay. Now i feel like it’s, not doing anything sun. I need you to come out right now, so when the sun doesn’t come out, a pro tip is it just starts screaming, and then the sun will come out beautiful, keep moving like your your head.

This way, i really hope you guys enjoyed joining me enjoyed joining enjoyed joining that’s kind of a tongue twister. I know so. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. I tried to do a variety of stuff, so we did the reflector.

We did some angles. We did a little bit of posing as well, so you guys saw how i kind of conducted my fashion shoots. So i really hope this was helpful for you guys. Let me know what you think down below and before we end this, i would love to thank anissa for modeling.

Thank you guys. Bye,


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