HOW I LEARNED PHOTOGRAPHY – Tips & Advice For Beginners

How i Learned Photography

Hey guys, what’s up welcome back to my channel TJ here I want to take a step away from travel vlogging today and start a new series that I have wanted to start for extremely long time called tea time.

It’s opportunity for me to sit down with you guys and discuss some personal experiences. I could also offer value to you and the reason why I want to start. This is for two reason, number one. I do love travel vlogging a lot and that will continue don’t worry, but I want to expand beyond that, because I don’t.

Do you two full time as much as I want to there’s? A lot outside of what I’m, doing kind of live a conventional life and try to have creative confidence. All these things. I want to be able to talk about with you guys.

Secondly, I don’t know if you guys can relate to this. I hope you can, but I personally grew up being told the art was just hobby, that it was just for fun and after I’m done being fun, that I need to go back to studying and actually pursuing something that will make me money Which is why I ended up studying political science in college and then afterwards, climbing the corporate ladder.

If you’re going through that, you have been told out whether you’re young old. I just want you to know don’t. Let go of your need to create start incorporating art and creativity into your life, and if this series can inch you a little bit forward and doing that and that’s, doing its job and that’s.

Why I want to start it with that said? Let’s start today’s, episode, which is on creativity and on the arts. It’s about how I learned photography. I didn’t, have formal education or took classes kind of learned it on my own, and I know there are a lot of people out there who want to learn photography but the kind.

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How do I start? Where do I start the friary started? Taking photos on your iPhone, where the camera laying around this video is for you to become better and get a little bit more serious about making photography into a hobby.

Alright, let’s get started. I would say I started learning photography nearing the end of my senior year of college, because I wanted to take my graduation photos at KFC and in my pajamas at the library, so I needed to look for a very special photographer that was willing to do that.

My friend recommended me Adrienne. When I first met Adrienne, I saw her Instagram and back then my Instagram was filled with selfies, weird photos of me making weird faces and a ton of food. Of course, oh, and when I saw her Instagram feed it inspired me and blew my mind because I didn’t know.

Instagram could be used as a form of gallery as a place to exhibit your work. That’s like an artsy place. So after seeing her work and talking to her a bit more that summer, when I went to go travel, I decided you know what I’m gonna take a little bit of these artsy photos.

My idea of artsy back then was: I would be eating a Belgian waffle or something and then hold it up against. You know a historic building and create this artsy food shot so that’s. What I started out with um, I had a camera.

I had a Canon t3i if you guys know camera. That is one of the most basic discs already can have a very beginner’s, intro DSLR. I had that, but I refused to use it. I hate it using it because it was so heavy.

It was huge there were all these buttons that’s, not know what to do with this. Oh, I kind of just pushed it aside after that backpacking trip, and I started my job in San Francisco. I still continued taking photos or artsy fartsy with my iPhone, and I started getting comments from my friends asking me what camera did I use and I was like girl – I’ll, just use my elbow my baby folks, but that is exactly how I Started out.

I started off it’s, just using my phone, my first tip for anyone out there who’s looking to get into photography is don’t worry so much about buying the fanciest equipment about you know what That awesome photographer over there is using about saving a ton of money to buy the best camera, because when you first start out it’s, not about training yourself, user equipment use this any junk metal.

Okay, when you first start out, is about treating your eyes, and what I mean by that is a photographer can see certain things that a regular. I cannot similar ways to how an artist has to you know, train their hands to be able to draw something similar to your photographer.

We have to train our eyes and train this muscle to be able to see certain things. It’s, most obvious when you ask the photographer friend to take a photo of you, and you know they start angling, you and you’re like oh, yes, step over here, whereas a friend who probably haven’t dabbled In photography yet will just hold up your phone and click it in like a second.

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What is the easiest way to help you train your eyes? It’s, just your phone, because when you see something your phone will always be with you. It’s, easy to just take it out and take a snap of it, and eventually you’re, going to start noticing everyday details that you haven’t noticed before, for example, will the light shining through the window and The shadows it creates on the floor.

You look at a senior at your start, noticing certain angles and where to put a subject and how beautiful it would look with this color dress. We’re training, your eyes to compose a photo, and that is what’s most important.

You first start on. One of the rules of photography to get familiar with is called the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds comes from the fact that when someone’s, eyes looks at an image. They naturally don’t go to the center.

They actually go to the side, to certain points of intersection on the photo. Basically, splitting the image into nine parts with four points of intersection, and if you put a subject or points of interest in one of the intersection, it makes your photo more well balanced and when someone looks at it, it’s.

A lot more natural. The great thing about iPhone is you can enable this grid feature. You can actually have the rule of thirds right on your phone so that when you’re, taking a photo, you’ll start no, putting maybe it’s.

A flower pot – maybe it’s, an a person or friend putting it on the points of interest on the intersection and you’ll, see that these photos turn out a lot better than if you were going with that the grid and Just kind of you know placing it anywhere, of course, as you get better, this rule can be broken when you first start out it’s, a nice guide to go with a little technical photography top right there, and we’re gonna continue on in the story, so when I started my job in San Francisco Mozilla coming home, I would be so excited to it.

The photos that I’ve, taken on my phone and photography for me, became a former stress relief. I’ve, been, I knew of quickness leo and he was the safest fraternity at me. The older him and his girlfriend were getting to photography and videography his girlfriend Karen, who carried my caramel sauce a YouTube channel.

Check her out. She’s. Amazing. I think you guys probably all know her already but go out over the weekend. Bingo shoot and it was so nice to have friends around. We’re interested in photography, wanted to go out and practice Leo brought me to my first instamate.

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What are the names to me? An M semi is basically a meet-up between creatives, who are very active on Instagram Lidl, actively share their work on Instagram. We meet up at maybe it could be a local coffee shop.

It could be maybe a scenic mountain to meet up shoot me each other and collaborate on photos together at that instantly. I remember so vividly because that was a special insta me. They had models there.

Their actual models fair and these girls like running around the sand and the beach you know with like dresses on from that. First me, I also met my friend Jaclyn, who is so important in my journey as photographer and becoming better because she abided me out to future in stories, and she also gave me a lot of advice on becoming freelance photographer.

So shout out to Jacqueline. You guys see her in the Iceland series from then on. I started meeting photographers from around the city and people who were just like me, who just shot iPhone only. I remember a particular hangout with you in September’s, I had just met and we were just walking around the streets of San Francisco.

We go into the store and all of a sudden, you know. Anson Issa sees this ray of light on the floor, ray of rainbow light on the floor. He was super tiny, they walk over to it and then Issa sticks her hands.

You know into the ray of light into the rainbow ray and it just created this beautiful minimalistic photo and it blew my mind guys. I was first inspired by the fact that they even saw that, because I would have just walked by.

I would not have noticed that detail in everyday life and the. Secondly, I was inspired that they can create something out of it with with your home body right, it was mind-blowing to me as a starting photographer.

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That brings me to tip number two, which is when you first start off photography. You need to hang out with two types: people number one people who enjoy photography, who enjoy taking photos and in number two people who are better at taking photos than you so experienced photographers.

Maybe someone who’s already been diving to photography for way longer time that you are by hanging out with them. It’s, going to motivate you to get out there and practice by hanging out with them. You’re, going to see the way they work and just by seeing the way they work.

Holding up a camera asking model, I’ll, pose the way they find life just by seeing that behind action you can learn so so much it’s really important to have a support system of people. Community people who could elevate your art and can encourage you to keep going at it and if you’re sitting there wondering okay, that sounds cool.

But how do I meet these cool people there? There’s. Several ways. Number one is instantly so instantly is the meetup between creatives of certain area. If you live in a bigger cities such as San Francisco, New York, Denver Sacramento any of these cities, they generally have already have a community of photographers who frequently arrange in cities where you can find them is by going to the cities featured Instagram accounts, for example, In San Francisco there’s.

Prime make SF portrait. All of these featured accounts will frequently arrange and send meetups between creatives and, if you’re thinking, okay, but I live in a smaller sub RV town and I can’t, make it out to bigger cities back frequently.

You can start your own and who knows, maybe you will be the one managing the future account for your city second way to meet creatives and photographers in the area is meetups comm, meetups comm. Is this a website that arranges you know, meetings between people with similar interest? They’re, just usually a ton of meetups and it’s kind of like loves, beating clubs in college, so they have meters frequently either monthly or bi-weekly check it check that out.

Third method is seriously just look at your acquaintances. At your own network of friends, because let me tell you even no matter how much people say they hate photos being taken of them. They usually like a you know.

It’s, nice to have a headshot and artsy shot of you. Don’t be afraid to ask your friend and be like hey. I want practice photographer. You do once come out with me. Be my model. We’ll shoot around or just ask an acquaintance, who maybe is just starting into photography and asking them hang out.

You never know the test. People aren’t can bring together alrighty. Now we’re at the point of the story where I just feel more confident. I’m, actually spending a lot of time going out to shoot with my friends and I she’s, spending a lot of time on my phone and looking at a ton of other people’s work I’m getting inspired now that at that point I decided to invest in the camera and the camera that I bought with the olympus mark ii and i loved it because it was small and portable link, all the equipment that i’ve used in The link below but again remember, equipment only matters later on when you feel like you want to take that commitment and get better at this craft.

Once I had a camera, I started with a serious. I spent a buttload of money on this. I’d, better use it. I started watching a ton of tutorials, so mummies give you some resources of words. Tutorials are number one.

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Debbie debbie is a website that hosts a ton of video courses. When you’re learning. Things are very visual watching a video is super super helpful who Denny has a ton of courses that goes for it. It can be anywhere from $ 99 to $ 10.

There’s, a ton of free courses on there that covers the basics of how to use a camera. How to take portrait photography, how you do a time-lapse, how to take better landscape photos. All of these courses, a lot of them, become free for a period of time.

A lot of them are free for forever, so go on Demi and Chyna. Look for courses that interest you some of them take. You know anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to watch watching these videos gave me the confidence to think alright.

You know I can use a camera now I can adjust the settings and can just the dials another way to find tutorials on how to use your camera. How to take better photos is, of course, YouTube. Youtubers. This channel is all about photography as Jessica.

Yes, the sassy, if I see extremely talented photographers you do it does a ton of fashion shoots portrait, shoots, check out her channel. She has a lot of material on editing, professional retouching, which is something you might want to look into to edit better, and finally, I want to give you this image from the internet.

This image I’ve, had on my desktop for forever. Basically, what these settings will do is allow you to capture photo on the camera that is very similar to what you actually see with your eyes. I’m, not going to go over what they are here, but I will link you to videos that helped break it down for me when I first started out watching tutorial learning courses and consuming materials that will teach you more technical aspects.

These are very important to becoming better. The reason why I didn’t, put, you know letting all the technical stuff or buy a fancy equipment, invest in the camera in the beginnings, because when you first start out it’s just so important to create freely create without rules And just to play around and try to figure out if this is something you want to do.

This is something you want to commit to learning anything. It’s, all about being curious and giving yourself permission to learn that skill to get more knowledge in that field and as you learn it, you start building passions to wrap up this tee time when to wrap up a story.

In the final advice. Um, I think one thing about learning photography is about learning anything is they can become very frustrating? Actually, you have a lot of fun and it, as you start learning more and more about the craft.

You get very frustrated, you know, because you’re. Doing all this work, you’re practicing so much, but there’s, something you think is still off about your photos. You look at photos and you’re thinking.

Okay, this is not good enough. Yet there’s, something missing and you become very hard on yourself. You want to try all kinds of styles, but you want to develop your own style at the same time. You have this inner battle with yourself and that’s.

Totally fine, it’s actually part of the process. Oh in this video with this quote, which also serves as the final tip to all aspiring creatives to all new photographers out there – and it goes something like this.

Nobody tells this to people who are beginners. I wish someone told me all of us who do creative work. We get into it because we have good taste, but there is this gap for the first couple of years. You make stuff it’s, just not that good.

It’s, trying to be good. It has potential, but it’s, not but your taste. The thing that got you into the game is still killer. Your taste is why your work disappoints. You a lot of people, never get past this phase.

They quit most people. I know who do interesting, creative work. When three years of this we know our work. Doesn’t have the special thing that we wanted to have. We all go through this. We really do it’s only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap and your work will be as good as your ambitions.

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Then I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone. I’ve ever met it’s, going to take a while it’s normal to take a while. You’ve got to fight your way. Photo of ice, where you went out there or dream, is just to keep grading, and that is really the secret to learning anything of a secret to creating more and more awesome stuff into making this world a more colorful place.

All right, you guys thank you for joining me for this tea time. If this was helpful to in any way, please give it a thumbs up and share it with a friend who maybe want to get into photography as well…

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