5 Best Cameras for Photography in 2020

Fuji XT3

What’s up guys?  and today we’re. Looking at my top five cameras, specifically for photography, we’re, looking cameras that shoot fast, have great rock codecs and, of course, great color science.

So let’s. Do a deep dive figure out what each camera does and which camera is perfect for you, so you can start your transition becoming a photography. God, let’s, get into it! [ Music ], also just to let you guys know there’s, a link in the description down below for the best price.

Again, all the cameras we discussed today, so the first camera on our list is the sony a6000. Now this is one of the older cameras we will be discussing today, but I wanted to talk about it. First, it came on in 2014 that’s quite a while ago, but it is still a fantastic camera.

It has a 24 megapixel aps-c size sensor, but it does 12 bit raw and shoots 11 frames per second, that is quite fast and quite impressive. For a camera that is only 550 dollars. The photos out of the camera are pretty good middle-of-the-road, so many generally tends to give you very neutral and flat colors and they expect you to finesse and like massage the photos in post, sir, if you’re somebody that’s, looking For a portable camera just to shoot your everyday things in or if you’re, a young artist, that’s, willing to put in the extra time and effort to get these photos to look perfect.

Because if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, this camera can easily look as good as an a7 3 or a 5d Mark 4 and of course it has an ultra reliable sony focus. So for $ 550, you can get a 16 to 15 millimeter kit lens to give you ultra sharp, reliable focus and quite a bit of range with this camera.

The camera is very, very well built, though, unfortunately it is not weather sealed. However, Sony cameras are known to last forever, so, if you do take care of this camera, it will last you quite a while, sadly does not have the infamous Ibis that Sony cameras have.

Used Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera with 16-50mm - Black Kit

It also does not have a flip up screen either to the top or the side. So it’s, not really a vlogging camera, but it does have a flash and it is surprisingly good in low-light it is clean built-in photo and video up to 10,000 iso and that’s, pretty impressive for a camera that’s from 2014 and only $ 550.

The battery in the canon a6000 isn’t, the greatest it’s, a small body. Therefore, a small battery I wouldn’t expect this battery to last me all day, but I think it should be plenty for a few hours of shooting.

This is ultimately a very bare-bones camera, but in 2014, when this camera came out, it was quite expensive and if you can pick this up today for five and fifty dollars, I absolutely recommend it. I recommend this camera to anybody that just wants to have a camera around the house to shoot their kids capture.

Family events captured their life in a beautiful fashion or if you’re, a young artist that’s like I only have five and fifty bucks. I you notice. I want to make amazing photos – and I’m willing to put in the extra work in Photoshop and Lightroom to really get my images to pop.

This will not let you down the next camera on our list is the canon RP. It is a full-frame camera and is only about a thousand dollars. It’s, not the fastest camera in the world. It only shoots five frames per second single autofocus and 2.

5 in continuous, but for $ 1000. This is a fantastic entry point into full frame cameras. I would recommend this camera to young portrait photographers young fashion, photographers young documentary, filmmakers or photographers.

The image is coming out of this. Camera are more than good enough to be on billboards and magazines. As long as you, don’t need to shoot at a high frame rate, because the sensor technology in this camera is top-notch the only people I wouldn’t recommend this camera to, or sports photographers and wildlife photographers.

The auto focusing system in this camera is very fast and very reliable. It has canons dual pixel, auto, focusing system which Canon is very well known, for if you’re, going to get very good, auto focus built in live view and viewfinder mode.

So, if auto, focusing is a priority for you, like most fashion photographers, this camera will not let you down. The design of this camera is amazing. It’s well built it has a rubber grip all the way around it.

Honestly, it’s like holding Batman’s, camera plus it has a side articulating screen that you could easily vlog with this camera would work well from both content creators and vloggers. Sadly, this camera is not weather sealed and it does not have a shutter flap that comes down when the camera is not in use.

So dust and grit are deathly an issue. This is not a camera that would ever take out into treacherous environment. Anything with a lot of sand, rain or moisture, but this camera is very well built and it will last you forever if you take care of it.

Personally, I think the Canon RP is a fantastic camera, but if there’s, one thing that holds it back, it’s. The fact that it does not have the lp6 battery the Canon op6 batteries tend to last all day.

However, when the new mirrorless body comes a smaller battery and unfortunately, this battery will only last you a few hours if you’re planning to do an all-day shoot, I would definitely pick up a few extra other than that it has all the standard Ports like HDMI USB and microphone in and out, but one thing to note is that the SD card is down at the bottom next to the battery, not on the side, as most professionals prefer.

However, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, and I personally do not care. Overall, it is a very well-built camera with great and easy to use software. The quality out of this camera is great. The auto focusing system is fast and reliable and, despite it not being the fastest with frame rates, it is a very, very good camera for pretty much all uses.

However, there is one big caveat: exposing what this camera is slightly different. You have to expose this camera more like film rather than digital. What that basically means is, you can go from a brighter picture to a darker picture, but you can & # 39.

T really go from a darker picture to a brighter picture, so when using this camera, you really have to either to get your exposure just right or play it safe in expose a little bit brighter than you need and bring it back in Photoshop.

Last but not least because this is a new camera system, the New World lenses for this camera are quite expensive. Most of the decent lenses started about 2000 to 2500, which is pretty pricey. But if you own a lot of older Canon, L Series or EF lenses with a $ 200 attachment, you can use all of your older lenses with this camera, which is a pretty good deal next up on our list is the Nikon d80.

Now this is the most expensive, but also the most technically advanced camera on our list today. The Nikon d80 is 2900, basically 3000 dollars, but it is a 45 megapixel sensor that shoots at seven frames per second or nine with the battery grip.

It is an absolute beast if you can think it, you can shoot it with this camera. The 45 megapixel sensor paired with the 14 bit raw codec and this camera is made specifically for pro shooters. This is meant for the top of the top.

Like Ferrari commercials Vogue magazine billboards, this is made for pro shooters and that really shows in its design. This camera is built like a tank and it’s. Ergonomically set up specifically for a pro environment has dual SD card slots.

It’s, weather seal, it’s rugged. It is up to anything and, of course, where the pro style body comes a pro style battery. Thanks to the battery in the battery grip and the one that’s inside the camera directly, you will get a few days worth of shooting out of this camera.

Of course, I don’t recommend going to a big shoot without spare batteries, but it’s nice to know that the camera has you covered, especially in key moments where you need that shot. The autofocus in this camera is blazing fast.

It’s really set up for a studio environment. In my testing, I found it struggles a bit in low-light. However, this isn’t, the kind of cam you would really use outside of a studio environment unless you’re.

Doing wildlife photography – this is really the type of camera where you would take your time, go slow and pick your shots. If you were a studio photographer someone that shoots models, fashion runway this cameras, a must-have, the amount of resolution you get with this camera is unmatched.

You can really go in and touch up every little bit of hair and touch up as a little bit of skin tone. It is ridiculous what you can do with this camera. A quick side note I really wouldn’t recommend this camera to sports.

Shooters, despite it being a rugged expensive camera, it only shoots 11 to 9 frames per second and I would say for sports shooting you need something closer to 11 to 15. However, this camera is pretty bulky and if you want that resolution without all that heft, I’d, recommend looking to the nikon z6 if the exact same sensor, but it’s, a mirrorless style body.

So you don’t, get all that half it’s, a much lighter smaller body plus that body has a built-in stabilization, so it’s better for low-light shooting, and you just get smoother footage. However, that camera is really geared more towards video people.

Therefore, we don’t, have the same big body style and something that I have to mention about the Nikon d80. It is extremely impressive in the low-light, despite the autofocus is not being the greatest in low-light.

It is an extremely impressive low-light camera, mainly because it uses a full-frame sensor. This camera gives you very usable images up to 30 and 32,000 ISO, which is extremely impressive for any camera.

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We, my favorite camera and the camera that I use every day for stills. You guessed it the Fuji XT three, the camera has a 26 megapixel aps-c size sensor and it’s clean up to ten thousand eyes. So it’s impressive.

How clean Fuji cameras are even at high ISOs and, of course it shoots at 20 frames per second, so we can pretty much handle anything you throw at it, but the best part about Fuji cameras is the color science Fuji needs to make the original 35 millimeter film Prints that we all shot on back in the 40s 50 60 70 even up to today, and even though photography has become mostly digital Fugees, taken that photography, colour science turned it into a digital algorithm and put it in their modern digital cameras.

So when you shoot with the fuji camera, you get images that are very, very close to vintage 35 millimeter film or you’re, just gonna get colors that you normally just cannot get out of Canon cameras or even Sony cameras.

The only thing that really disappoints about this camera is the autofocus system. Now it’s, not bad by any means, but it’s, definitely not on the same level as a Canon, auto focusing system or the Sony autofocus.

The camera does really well in single focus mode, but when it comes to tracking subjects, it tends to struggle a bit. But personally I can forgive all of that. Just for the color science and the fast frame rates, a quick side note about the X III that it does come with an option for boost mode now boost mode.

Doesn’t make your camera that much faster, but it gives you slightly faster autofocus and slightly faster frame rates. I personally never shoot on it, but for those of you that wish this camera had just a little bit of extra horsepower, it is available to you.

The only thing I would say this camera is missing is in-body stabilization, but thankfully Fuji puts their stabilization in their lenses. So despite cheating in low-light, you will still get very, very stable images.

Now the battery situation in the Fuji XC 3 is kind of interesting. If you use it in standard mode, it should last you a few hours, but if you use it in boost mode, you’ll, be lucky to get two hours out of it, but the great thing about boost mode is that it will speed up Your autofocus and give you faster frame rates.

Last but not least, the design of the Fuji camera is really unique. Everything on this cameras me to invoke a 35 millimeter vintage feel the shutter button is its own dial. The aperture is manual, so you actually turn it on the lens itself.

The ISO wheel itself is a manual ISO via where you can look down and pick specific ISOs and, of course, and um. They are a modern company. They have a front and a back wheel to change your shutter and aperture digitally.

But if you’re, somebody that prefers the vintage feel you can use the vintage buttons or use the dials. It’s really up to you. But Fuji has you covered and the surprising thing about the Fuji camera is despite them.

Looking super stylish, you would think that they aren’t weather-sealed, but they actually are. So you’re good to go to any environment. You want with these cameras, but I have broken a few Fuji cameras in my past, so be careful.

I don’t think that weather sealing is quite the same as the Canon weather sealing. Last but not least, the Canon 90 D. Now this is an interesting one, because it’s generally regarded as a video camera, but it has canons and you aps-c size sensor, which is 32 megapixels, which is actually more than the Canon 5d Mark 4 only by 2 megapixels, but that sensor, combined With Canon 14 Batroc Canon, color science, 11 frames per second and dual pixel autofocus, I would say this is a very good photo.

Camera 11 frames per second is plenty fast for the wildlife, photography and sports photography and given canons 14 bit raw, you will have tons of dynamic range and tons of resolution and play with the auto focusing system into this.

Camera is the same as the Canon RP. It’s, Canons dual pixel, auto, focusing system which is just as good through the viewfinder as it is in live view. A big bonus of this cameras. You can natively use the Canon, L lenses, which are much much cheaper now, since Canon has introduced their new RF line.

One thing that I really appreciate about this camera is being able to look down and see all my settings on the top LCD. If I’m working in a really fast studio, environment or really fast running gun environment, it’s.

Just that much easier to keep track of all my settings and make sure I’m, not fudging anything. The camera is weather, sealed and has a side articulating screen which allows you to take this camera pretty much anywhere and shoot from any angle.

Last but not least, the battery in this camera is very high capacity and will easily last you all day. Although I don’t recommend going anywhere with just one battery, but it’s. Nice to know that I have a high-capacity battery that could easily last me a day, hey guys.

Thank you so much for checking out our top 5 photography camera list. If you are interested in any of the cameras we talked about today, there’s. A link in the description down below for the best pricing on these cameras, and if you have any questions about any of these cameras, hit me up in the comments down below and I’ll, make sure to get back to every single one of You, as always, make sure to leave me a like, or a comment really help me figure out what kind of content you surviving with they’ll help.

You figure out what kind of work to make next, as always make sure to LIKE and subscribe see you guys next time…

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