Best Beginner DSLR Camera 2020

Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

Hey there, I’m going to share with you my favorite Best Beginner DSLR Camera 2020. I’Ve got a couple of new cameras here, a couple of older ones, and hopefully I’ll – be able to help you figure out, which ones might be right for you and if you haven’t heard.

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Best Beginner DSLR Camera 2020

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this video and tell me which camera and lens from the list you want to win. Anyway, let’s. Now. Take a look at some of these beginner DSLR cameras. So I’ve, been lucky enough to review and shoot with a number of DSLR cameras,  over the last five or six years, and over that time I’ve.

Seen a number of different beginner cameras come and go. I’ve, also seen, which kind of features work for most beginners. Now in front of me, I’ve got some cameras here from Canon and Nikon. Now I’m, also going to make a video on cameras from Panasonic and Sony.

So if you’d like to see that make sure to leave a thumbs up on this video, but I’Ve got a couple of cameras here which should work well for pretty much all beginners. Now I’ll, go from cheapest all the way through to more expensive, so you can kind of get an idea of which cameras might work well for your price range, so starting off with the cheapest of these cameras.

I probably look at something like the Canon mm D or the Canon 4000 D. Now let’s. Take a look at the Canon 4000 D first, this one here was released about two months ago and it’s, a fantastic beginners camera.

If you’re, looking for just a photography camera, if you’re gonna be doing video, I probably wouldn’t recommend this camera at all. Why is this camera so cheap? Well, firstly, it does come in at around about four hundred and fifty dollars depending on where you are so it is one of canons, cheapest DSLRs ever, but it’s.

Pretty much a cheaper deal are because they’ve got rid of a lot of the kind of special features. So if we take a look at the back of the DSLR here, we don’t. Have a flip screen just got a built-in screen.

It works pretty well but again, a lot of these cameras here now have flip screens and they also have touch screens as well, which again this doesn’t have. But if you’re, looking for a camera, that’s, going to be relatively lightweight and allows you to change the lenses, this can definitely be a good little camera for you in terms of specs, you’re, going to Be getting around about 18 megapixels on this camera here compared to a lot of these ones, which might be doing around about 24 megapixels.

But, honestly to me, the Canon 4000D is probably going to be a very popular camera for a lot of beginners, simply because of its price. Like I said before, you could also look at the Canon mm D and in America this is going to be called the canon t7.

Now the canon t6, which came before this was an incredibly popular camera, probably one of the most popular cameras ever sold in terms of dslr and my review on that one that had over a million views last time.

So the canon t7 is definitely going to be a popular camera. Now, in terms of this one here we’ve got a slightly larger screen on the back. We’ve got a few other features. We’ve got a few more buttons on the back here as well and in terms of video recording.

This one here is going to be a little bit better. Compared to this one. We’ve even got a dedicated video dial which allows you to really start your video as soon as possible. By the way guys, I was thinking about making a video on the best cameras for travel in 2020.

If you’d, like to see that, let me know by leaving a thumbs up in this video now in terms of actual specs, you’re, not going to get a massive bump in specs with the canon t7 compared to the Canon. 4000 d: this one does shoot in 24 megapixels.

If I’m correct and it does have a little bit better autofocus as well in video, but overall there’s, not only a massive difference between the 2000 D and the 4000 D. What you’re, really going to see, is if you’re, going to be stepping up to a camera such as this one right here.

This is the Canon, so2 or 200 D. I’ve currently got a vlogging microphone on the top, because I use this as my vlogging camera to take this off, but the Canon mm. Sorry, the Canon 200 D is a fantastic camera for a few different reasons.

Firstly, it’s. Got a really big upgrade in terms of video specs, so the Canon, 200 D or so2 does call it. The so2 for today has a thing called: dual pixel autofocus and dual pixel autofocus allows you to get silky smooth autofocus, even in video mode.

So you’re gonna be getting some really quick and fast autofocus that works just pretty much perfectly. You’re, also going to be getting a flip screen on the Canon 200 D, which allows you to really rotate the screen.

So you can actually see it in pretty much any angle. So let’s say we’ve got the Canon 200 D and I want to be taking a photo from download. I can flip the screen and be able to see it perfectly without having to kind of go down like this or if we’re at a concert or something like that, you can have the screen pointing down.

While the camera is up here – and you can see it perfectly and even if you’re doing what I’m doing right now, you can actually film yourself. So you can flip the camera around the screen around and you’ll.

Be able to see it there. If you’re traveling here’s, a little tip. You want to actually flip the screen in on itself. So the LCD screen is being protected. That’s. Another really nice thing about this camera.

On the Nikon side, I’d, look at something like the Nikon D3400 or what the Nikon D3500. So I’ve got the D3400 here it’s very similar to the D3500, and this is a fantastic camera. If you want to be a beginner on the Nikon side, so why would you choose Nikon or Canon? Well, honestly, there’s, not a massive difference.

It really comes down to personal preference. Some may say that Nikon has better image quality, but some may say that Canada has better video quality. Again it’s very, very comparable. These days, the biggest thing is what you feel more comfortable with and generally you’re, actually going to stay with the same camera brand for a long time.

This is what a lot of people find. They’ll, go to their local camera store and they’ll find odd. I’ve got a Nikon d3400. You end up staying for 10 to 20 years, so I really like nIkon. I really like Canon as well, and I also like shooting on Panasonic and Sony, so I’m a bit fortunate with that.

But anyway, the D 30 400s got a really nice burst rate can shoot up to 5 frames per second. So if you’re, going to be shooting something like sports, a wildlife, 2 D, 3,400 or the 3500 can be great for that, because it’s really going to allow you to capture that moment without having that, you know quickly, via The shots straight away, I don’t, find that Nikon beginner deer slides are a little bit sharper, but that’s kind of changed a little bit in the last few years.

They are really coming a lot more similar. Now, if you’re, looking for something a little bit smaller, but also a really nice camera – and this one here is actually not specifically a DSLR, it’s, a mirrorless camera, but it’s very similar.

This is the Canon M50. This is very similar to the Canon so2, but, as you can see, it’s, a lot smaller, so the Canon eos M50 has a mirror in it. Essentially, so if we take off this lens right here, you can see that the sensor is right there so to put that back on, whereas these cameras here have a mirror again, one of the good features of the Canon m50.

Well, we’ve got dual pixel autofocus, like we have in the Canon so2, so you’re, going to be getting that fantastically smooth autofocus in video mode, and you’re. Also gonna be having fantastic autofocus in stills mode as well.

We’ve got this flip out screen as well works really well on the side. Here we have a microphone jack, so this is really important. If you want to be making videos for say YouTube, so if you want to be doing it vlogging you want to be making YouTube videos like me, reviews, essentially, you can plug in a little shotgun mic like this or a lavalier mic like I’Ve got right here on this side and then you can get much better audio, whereas with cameras such as the Nikon d3400, the Canon 4000D, they are unfortunately lacking in mic jacks.

So if you are going to be looking for a camera – and you know you want to be doing video – I would probably recommend the Canon 200-day or SL 2 or the Canon M 50. These two cameras are probably going to be your best bet for that now we’ll, make a separate video for this, but if you do want to look at other cameras, I probably look at the Panasonic g7.

Again it’s, not a DSLR; it is a mirrorless camera, but it’s, a fantastic camera because it’s  got shoots in 4k. So if you are going to be shooting video, the g7 is fantastic. For that also, I probably look at the Kino Sonic G, 80 or g85.

They’re kind of a step up from the Panasonic g7. They’ve got embody image stabilization, it works fantastically. So you have a couple of great cameras as well: the sony a6000, a 6300 a 6500. All of those cameras are fantastic for beginners and they do have a couple of expert features that will kind of stick with you when you want to increase the level of your photography and cinematography.

So there you go guys. There are a couple of beginner dslr. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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